Would you like to submit a picture of someone with autism to go on our banner? 

Every year we ask family members, caregivers, and people with autism to send in pictures to go on our banner. It's harder to relate to autism stats like "1 in 48" (Economist, 2016). It's much easier to relate to the people who have autism. Seeing their faces on the banner every year is a reminder of the people that are the reason we're on the Hill asking for continued support. 

There are two steps to submitting a photo.

  1. Fill out the consent form below to give us permission to use your photo. There's also the option of allowing us to use the name of the person in your photo. Don't worry - even if you don't want the name put on the banner, we'll still use your photo. 
  2. Upload your photo.

Please note that if we don't receive your consent form, we will not have a way to contact you about your photo and will not be able to use it.

Step 1 - Consent Form

You must click submit on this form BEFORE you upload your photo below. All required fields must be filled out for the person to appear on the banner.

Name *
I give consent for QuickStart/Autism on the Hill to use the submitted photo(s) on the Faces of Autism banner. *
I give consent for QuickStart/Autism on the Hill to use the name of the person on the Autism on the Hill banner. *

Please note that you must fill out and CLICK SUBMIT on the consent form above before you upload your photo below.

Step 2 - Upload Photo

Please make sure that the file name of your photo matches the full name of the person whose photo you are submitting. This ensures that we use the correct name on the banner.  Here are some guidelines/tips:

  1. Please submit only photos that you own or have rights to use. (If you took the photo, you have the right to use it!)
  2. Photos have to be a minimum of 600 pixels wide or high. Any less than this and the photo is going to show up too small on the banner and we want everyone to see every face well! 
  3. Try to send photos with just one person - or indicate consent to use the image is given by all in the photo. Photos with multiple people in them that we don't have consent from all parties to use will be discarded. We do our best to try to obtain a replacement image or the consent that is required, but if we can't do so in time we have to leave the photo out. 

Bonus Step - Share this page!

The more photos we get, the better the autism community is represented! So, we want every Canadian with autism who wants to participate to be on the banner, regardless of age, where they live, or anything else. Every person with autism matters and that's what Autism on the Hill is all about.

Share this page with everyone you know throughout the next year so we have piles and piles of photos to show!